About us

Dumocom is a manufacturer of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and preforms based in Almelo, The Netherlands. Since 1991 we supply PET bottles for packaging of chemical, food, cosmetics, detergents and pharma products.


The production of PET bottles takes place through two production methods, the so-called one-stage and two-stage method. The one-stage method uses a single machine to produce PET bottles from raw materials. The two-stage method devides the process in two. An injection molding machine produces a semi-finished product, the preform. A second machine heats the preform and blows the bottle in shape in a blowmold. The one-stage method offers outstanding quality; the two-stage method high speed. 


The preforms for the two-stage process are mainly produced in-house. The preforms are also sold to third parties. Please contact us for additional information. 


The bottles and preforms Dumocom come in many colors and with various additives such as UV filters. Dumocom is geared to the use of recycled materials. Because we can vary in proportions, we can guarantee a good balance between sustainability and quality. 


Besides the standard assortment of bottles, we deliver custom products for customers with specific needs. The possibilities for custom models are closer than many think. Please contact us about the possibilities for your products.


For standard bottles, Dumocom can deliver excellent caps which seamlessly fit with our bottles. The caps are not produced by Dumocom. Our suppliers are carefully selected and work closely together with Dumocom to offer a secure combination of bottle and cap. 


The focus of Dumocom is on:

-          Excellent quality and (food)safety

-          Flexibility and service

-          Reliability

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